Field Trips

NUA Home School is pleased to provide fun and educational field trips to students. These exciting excursions present an opportunity for Home School families to meet, and also allow students to interact with peers while learning out in the community.

*New* Spring 2018 Field Trip Information

Field Trip Sign Up Process

Let your education advisor know which field trips you would like to attend. Your education advisor will need the following information for each trip:

  • Student attending
  • Parent name, email, and cell number of parent attending (a parent/guardian is required at every activity.)
  • Total adults attending (see each flyer for details on additional adults)
  • Number and ages of non-NUA siblings attending, if allowed (see flyer)
  • The coordinator listed on each flyer can answer questions about each activity.
  • Read each flyer carefully for restrictions.
  • Deadline to sign up for Spring 2018 field trips is Friday, December 15th.

Please note, while we understand that unavoidable events happen and there are times when you need to cancel the field trip, we ask that you only sign up for a field trip if you are pretty certain you are going to attend. The field trip venues plan staffing and activities around the numbers we give them, so it is important that the attendee numbers are close to the numbers we send the venues. Thank you for understanding!

Permission Slip

Frequently Asked Questions about field trips.


Fall 2017 Field Trip Information

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